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  • The Joy of Knowing God: His Attributes

    Do you ever find yourself doubting - or perhaps even close to abandoning - your faith in God? Or perhaps you think you never doubt Him, but at times your faith doesn't quite overflow into actions that demonstrate faith in God. Sure, you say God is faithful, but wasn't that you worrying the other night? We say God is good, but we didn't quite understand why He denied us what we felt was best for our lives. Or why He allowed a bad thing to happen when we were serving Him and prayed hard! Maybe we just didn't pray hard enough??? Welcome to the world of distorted views about God. The view we have of God affects what we believe in all areas of our faith (doctrine) and how we live out what we believe. Unfortunately today, all too often the Christian's view of God is bent or distorted by teaching that is more feeling based than rooted in the Word of God. This class will help you to learn what Scripture says about God so that you can live out the kind of faith that is lasting, steadfast and unmovable. This is a Level 3 course, it is our most difficult level of study and will require a greater amount of study, thought and input. 

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  • ARMOR OF GOD- Ephesians 6 tells us to put on the whole armor of God that we may be able to stand firm against the schemes of Satan. What is this armor? How do we "put it on"? Learn all that is available to you through Christ Jesus, and how to be spiritually prepared through the Armor of God--provided in Jesus Christ.
    Level 2 Course: Requires some thought and homework

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  • How do you go about making decisions? Is it difficult to figure out what to have for dinner, much less make the big decisions that affect your whole life? Learn how people in the Bible made their decisions, what criteria they used, and how the decisions affected their lives and the lives of those around them.

  • Facing challenges, hardships, and adverisities.

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  • Sunday Evening Messages:
    Listen to the sermon of the week...with sermon outlines included.