Veritas Christian Network
  • What was it like to be a member of the very first Christian community? How did the Church grow? What kinds of trials and challenges did the early church face? All this and much more in the ongoing "Acts of the Apostles" series.

  • Study on the Gospel of Mark
    Teacher: Barb Jones

  • Gospel of John

  • Developing Confident Faith- John Lesson 8-16 Explore how Jesus demonstrates to us faith that is confident--even in the storms of life. This is John part 2 in the John series. You are not required to take John part 1 to take part in this class. To join this course please go to

  • JOHN Part 3. Whose Business is it anyway how I live my life? In this portion of the Gospel of John Jesus demonstrates that it's not our agenda, but God's! To join this course please go to 
    Level 2 Class: will require one to two hours a week

  • We will continue our study of the Gospel of John. The overall theme is what it means to walk in the Light. This time we will cover The healing of the blind man, Speaking out for Jesus, Walking by faith not by sight, Following the Shepherd, Safe in His grasp, For this we need Jesus, and A fragrant aroma for Him. To join this course please go to

  • Gospel of John Part 5

  • Study in First John